Diabetes Tips

  1. Learn about diabetes. Ask your loved one or his or her health care team to help you learn more. Read about diabetes online or join a support group. Check with your hospital or local clinic to find one.
  2. Understand the diabetes of the person in your care. Find out how he or she manages it with diet, physical activity, and/or medicines.
  3. Find out what the person in your care really needs to manage his or her diabetes. Ask what you can do to help that you are not doing now.
  4. Offer the help that the person in your care asks for. Whether it is going to the store to get blood sugar meter test strips or keeping snack foods out of the house, do your best to help.
  5. Talk about your feelings, frustrations, and hopes regarding the person you are caring for and his or her diabetes. It can clear the air and bring you closer.