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Knee Exercises

These exercises are designed to stretch and strengthen your knee. Before beginning each exercise, read through all its instructions. While exercising, breathe normally and use smooth movements. If you feel any pain, stop the exercise. If pain persists, call your healthcare provider.

Calf Stretch

  1. Stand with your arms braced against a wall, both feet pointing straight ahead. Place your _______ foot several inches behind your other foot.
  2. Bend your front leg. Keep both heels on the floors and your back leg straight. You should feel a slight pull in your calf. Hold for _____seconds. Bend your back leg and hold for ____seconds.
  3. Repeat____times.   Do _____sets a day.


Don’t lift your back heel. Don’t arch your back.

Quad Set

  1. Sit on the floor with one leg straight, the other bent.
  2. Flex the foot of your straight leg by pointing your toes toes toward you. Press the back of your knee into the floor while tightening the muscles on the top of your thigh. Hold____ for seconds.
  3. Repeat___times. Do___sets a day.


             Don’t arch. Don’t hunch your shoulders.

Leg Raise

  1. Sit on the floor with your___leg straight, the other bent.
  2. Tighten the thigh muscles on the top of your straight leg. You should feel the muscles contract. Raise that leg 6 to 8 inches. Then lower it slowly and steadily to the floor. Relax.
  3. Repeat____times. Do___sets a day.


   Don’t arch you back. Don’t hunch your shoulder.


  1. Stand with your ___foot om a 3-inch to 5-inch support  (such as a block of wood) and the other foot flat on the floor. 
  2. Shift your weight onto the foot on the block, straightening that knee and raising your other foot off the floor. Then slowly lower the foot until only the heel touches the floor.
  3. Repeat___times.  Do___sets a day.


 Don’t lock your knee .  Keep your weight on the foot on the block – don’t push off from the floor.

Toe Raises

  1. Stand with both feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. If you need support, steady yourself with your hand on a ledge, wall, or table.
  2. Raise both heels so you’re standing on your toes. Hold for____seconds. Slowly lower your your heels to the floor.
  3. Repeat___times Do___sets a day. As you become stronger, stand on one foot at a time, and raise that heel off the floor.


        Don’t lock your Knees. Don’t arch your back. 

Calf Stretch

  1. Stand with your back and head against a wall. Look straight ahead. Keep your foot  shoulder- width apart and at least 12 inches from the wall. Relax your shoulders and tighten your stomach muscles.
  2. Slowly slide straight down until you feel a stretch in the front of your thighs. Hold for ____seconds. Slowly slide back up.
  3. Repeat ___times. Do___sets a day.


 Don’t let your knees go forward past your toe. Don’t let your buttocks sink below your knees.

Leg Lunge

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. With your____foot, step out and lower yourself into a comfortable position. Keep your back straight ahead. As  you step, the heel of the other foot lifts off the floor. Return smoothly to your starting position.
  3. Repeat____times. Do___sets a day.


  Don’t let your forward knee go past your toes. Don’t lunge so far that your rear knee touches the floor.